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After Dinner Speaking For Any & Every Occasion

William Freeman is an after-dinner speaker and master of ceremonies at sporting clubs and business events.

The after-dinner speaking world is crammed with ‘sporting legends’ who can entertain you with exciting tales and inside stories based on their own fantastic accomplishments. These people give inspiring stories about ‘life at the top’ and the joys that come from success at the highest levels.

Conversely, William is a top ranking expert about ‘life at the bottom’ (peppered with occasional bursts towards the middle).  He can’t inspire you with stories about his great achievements (actually, he can - but he’d be lying) but he gives his audiences amusing, inspiring and relevant messages - as well as the feeling of having had a good time.

His delivery style is fast paced and full of funny and relevant ‘one-liners’.  His after-dinner speeches are highly tailored to the specific event and audience; you could use him again and again (as some institutions do), and he’ll be different every time.

‘After-Dinner’ speaking of course, could just as easily be ‘after lunch’, ‘during breakfast’, ‘over coffee’ - whatever suits.

Contact William too if you want an auctioneer or you want some good fund raising ideas for your event/

If you need magicians, caricaturists or balloon artists for your event, give him a shout - he’ll be glad to point you in the right direction.

after dinner speaking william freeman
dick best, roger dakin with william freeman after dinner speaker and master of ceremonies

CLICK HERE to make an enquiry. Telephone 020 89792710 or 07718 914739

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William Freeman Toastmaster, Speaker & Author

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